Friday, June 19, 2009


I have been using various types of pedals since 1975. This was when I first put my foot onto a kick drums foot pedal and hence my signature moment as I embarked on the long, varied journey to learn and understand drums/percussion. I think it was just some no named brand pedal held together with miss-matched nuts & bolts. That is until the day came that I had saved my pennies long enough to go out and buy my first real professional pedal; a "Ludwig speed king". This is the pedal I still have to this day and use on all my various kit set-ups. And now, some 30 plus years later, I have now found the pedal that I feel will suit me even more. "The Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive".

Remember drum-dungeoneers, we are all different, with different likes and dislikes, and when it comes to the world of drumming and the major manufacturers, there are really no good or bad choices on what you use, or what is even percieved as "better". Just personal taste for what fits us personally as a drummer.

I had heard of this DEMON pedal before, but had never kicked one, so I went to my local music store to see what all the hype was. They had one there, it was the double and still in the box. They also were playing a promotional DVD on it, hosted by Todd Sucherman of Styx -- he was explaining all the great feature's of this pedal that was not seen on any others. One of the first features I really noticed, was the ZERO LATENCY U-JOINTS, which allows for great flexability, and allows you to play just as quickly and accurately with your second pedal as your primary. Another fabulous thing that sets this pedal apart from others, is the NINJA BEARINGS, that were originally designed by skateboard engineers, and gives this pedal killer speed. So at this point I was very excited by the whole thing, and wanted to do the ultimate test... kick the hell out of it myself!! When dude broke it out and set it up the first thing I noticed was...WOW it sure looked cool [for what that's worth]. But of course playing it was the real test and honestly, that turned out to be an even more positive experience. It just flowed so smoothly, and the response was out of this world. It took a while to check out all the other features that make this a phenomenal pedal:

  • the DIRECT LINK ADJUSTMENT, which has 2 positions for a light or heavy feel.
  • a DUO-DECK LONGBOARD that gives you the option to convert your pedal from short board to long board for your comfort.

There are many other features for the "Demon Drive" that make it a really great pedal in my opinion, and I know that some of you out there will find it to be awesome as well, although of course some may not. As I was there trying it, another fellow gave it the go around, but thought it was to smooth for his type of playing. So I recommend that you go out , and try it for yourself to see if this is the pedal for you!

Till next time all you Drum-Dungeoneers!

~Central Scrutinizer

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